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Delivery and shipping - free shipping to most countries in the world!

When ordering products from most countries in the world*, shipping is for free! 

Please be aware that with free shipping, you need to be a little bit patient. The delivery times can vary and will be up to 4-5 weeks from your time of ordering.

Upon request from you, we can in some cases deliver much quicker, but then a shipping charge will be added to the price. But only if you ask us to do it. The price for shipping method will then depend upon where the supplier is located, and on the chosen shipping method.

So, with the great benefit of free shipping*, please be patient upon delivery. Thanks!

* There are unfortunately some countries to which we cannot guarantee free shipping. This depends on our suppliers' terms and conditions. When free shipping is not included, you will be contacted after placement of your order, given information about the exact shipping costs and asked if you are willing to pay the extra shipping costs.  If you don't accept these costs, your order will of course be fully refunded.  

Important information about VAT / taxes

Please note that the prices in our webshop do NOT include VAT or taxes that may apply in your country. As a buyer from our site, you are importing the products to the country you are buying from, and will need to clear customs as relevant, and to pay yourself any applicable local taxes. This is important to consider when looking at the price for a product.

We want you to be a happy customer, and by understanding that local taxes may be added to the price, you will avoid surprises when receiving orders from us.