About us

WWRWebshop.com - Sports equipment for everybody!

Our webshop contains sports equipment for everybody, all over the world. Our shop is quite new when you are reading this, so the variety of products now in the start is not the highest, but we will introduce new articles week by week, and never stop with this. In the meantime, we promise that you can make some really good deals here.  

We have mainly products directed towards running, but also a number of other fitness related products. We aim at having good quality equipment at good prices. Some are well known branded products, which we aim at selling for reasonable prices, while others are from brands that are not so well known internationally. Our intention is that you anyway shall be able to make good deals for good products in our shop.

Last, but not least, World Wide Runner supports the efforts to reduce plastic pollution in the world. Therefore, we have introduced a collection of sustainable products, such as plastic free disposable cutlery and other alternatives to disposable plastic products.